The Gopura (gateway tower) clicked below belongs to Sri Kalika Durga Parameshwari temple near Vidyaranyapura.  Specialty of this tower is the sheer height, it is 108 feet tall. This temple is very famous for the various kind of special pooja’s are offered to goddess Durga.
Within this temple premises, you can find 9 different avatars of this goddess. Also, you can find many more idols including Sri Venkateshwara swamy, Narasimha, Krishna, Hanuman, Vijaya Durga devi, Kalika Devi, Sharabeshwar etc., Also while exiting this temple you can notice Nataraja idol made of cement. You can also notice sculptures all around the temple depicting various stories of the Goddess and Shiva. Since photography is not allowed inside the temple, I couldn’t click any of those except the main tower. See the bigger picture by clicking on the photo.

There is on speciality at this temple. There is a godess called Yakshini. If you have any wish, Just write your wish on a paper and tie that paper on the godess. She will fulifill that wish. ( I really believe this. It happened with me. some wishes are fulfilled. In fact it is my sone who forced me to tie this and It is done).
Once your wish is fulfilled, you must visit the temple again and offer thanks.
There is he temple for shaneeshwar, Astha lakshmi Also. The prasadam offered is also very very tasty.

One more speciality at this temple- The Golden lizad. and silver lizard. ( this is a belief in hinduism, if the lizard falls on you, you must touh this goldedn lizard.
A must see temple for all bangaloreans.
I wish you alll to visit and fulfill our wishes.

10/16/2010 23:13:46

Can someone update the contact no

12/14/2010 09:23:25

Write very well, there are some others that resonate.

12/26/2010 10:00:25

Write very well, there are some others that resonate.

1/27/2011 14:00:38

Thanks for sharing!

4/1/2011 16:55:42

That’s a good topic of discussion. I really appreciate your work.

8/25/2011 18:00:11

This is a very beautiful temple. My personal strong belief that all the wishes made trusting godess Durga will surely fulfill..........Thanks of goddess for all ur shower of blessing on me n my family.

10/28/2012 17:49:10

Madam nice to see your comment, can you let me know what needs to be done to fulfill our wishes is there any particular pooja or should i contact the temple priest.

I am facing a lot of problems in life and i am confused please help me in this regard. waiting for your reply to my email id

5/17/2013 20:06:19

yes pls proceed to go meet temple priest .

7/2/2012 17:29:12

Can anyone let me know the location of the temple and the root map from majestic bus stop...

Raghunathan Gopalarathnam
12/30/2012 21:48:48

Would like to hear about the temple and the Goddess name and the Avatar of the Ambigai to spread more.

sendhil kumar
4/6/2013 20:06:35

very nice temple god durga will fulfil all devotes i grate to say this om kalika durga parameswari namaha

sendhil kumar
4/6/2013 20:07:17

very nice temple god durga will fulfil all devotes i grate to say this om kalika durga parameswari namaha

3/17/2014 07:38:49

Hi I love this temple every.Fridays I have been their before marriage. I believed goddess durga

6/10/2014 17:00:52

Me and my family visit the temple every amavasya.and writes our wish in the paper and tie to god..

4/21/2015 17:35:05

i love tis temple vry much every amavasai i visit tis temple
even my sis like tis temple. bcz wat ever u ask surely she wil bless


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